Boiler Service and Maintenance Birmingham 

Boiler service and maintenance

Midland Cool has reliable efficient Gas registered engineers that can provide you with the service and maintenance of your boiler

We offer competitive contract rates to provide yearly service and maintenance, which can also cover you for breakdown call outs should something go wrong with your boiler. Every quotation can be tailored to your personal or to your business needs. Midland Cool recommend that you get your boiler service every year to make sure it stays in good working order, so contact us at our head office to find out about the different contracts that we have to offer and get a quote.


Our gas safe registered engineers will provide the experience, provide an efficient and thorough service, taking pride in the work that they do and will make sure that your boiler is safe and in good working order. Should there be a problem with your boiler then our engineers can diagnose any problem that may arise, and fix it there and then if they can. If your boiler requires a part that isn’t stocked on the van then we will source it quickly and cost effectively to make sure it’s fixed as soon as possible and that down time is kept to a minimum. In the instance a part may take longer to supply, we can provide temporary boilers to keep you going in the mean time.


Not sure? If you neglect your boiler from a regular service and maintenance then you will experience reduced efficiency and increased cost and it also may be included in your boiler warranty. Here are some reasons why a regular service to your boiler will help:


  • The life of the boiler will be significantly increased
  • It will improve the efficiency of the boiler systems
  • It can diagnose any potential problems that can occur
  • It can help to reduce the energy costs that you pay
  • It can save any costly repairs that may be needed
  • It can detection if there is any fatal carbon monoxide leaks


Just call 0800 440 444 and speak to one of our friendly members of staff to get a quote and find out more about our boiler service and maintenance contracts.