New Weltem spot coolers delivered to Midland Cool 

New Weltem spot coolers delivered to Midland Cool

Weltem-spot-cooler-WPC-5000Midland Cool recently took delivery of a number of Weltem spot coolers (WPC-5000), but they didn't stay long - they were immediately shipped out to a Formula 1 team to keep the garage cool during testing.

Our customers find these coolers ideal for spot cooling in large areas where it is not practical to cool the whole area, for example in a large factory or warehouse space, or an open area such as a garage or workshop. 

The range of Weltem spot coolers that we stock can also supply direct cooling for people or processes as the hot and cold ducts are easily extendable.  The spot coolers are ideal for providing supplementary cooling, for example in industrial kitchens or IT server rooms or data centres where the amount of equipment generates additional heat.

Weltem spot coolers cleanse and humidify the air as they cool the air, and with washable filters are invaluable for cooling in hospitals, laboratories and other healthcare facilities.

Our customers also hire these units for temporary spaces such as marquees, site offices, disaster relief, sports rooms and tents

The spot coolers can be installed quickly and easily should emergency cooling be required during any downtime for breakdownmaintenance or servicing or for supplementary cooling when needed.

Our sales team are available on 0121 359 5100 for information or advice on any cooling or heating needs you may have.  Alternatively contact us using our website form and one of our team will be in touch very shortly.