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Fans And Air Movers Hire  

Midland Cool has a large selection of fans and air movers ranging from 230mm (9") diameter desk fans to large, industrial fans, all available for Hire or Sale. All fans and air movers provide instant, controllable air movement wherever you need it. Fans can also be used in conjunction with our portable climate control equipment to help achieve the desired climate condition.


EH0514 Desk Fan - 9" (23cm) image
  • 9" (23cm) desk fan
  • Wide angle oscillation
EH1522 Desk Fan - 12" (30cm) image
  • 12" (30cm) desk fan
  • Push button controls
EH0039 Tower Fan with Timer image
  • Tower fan with timer
  • 3 fan speed settings
EH0037 Tower Fan with Remote image
  • Tower fan including timer and remote control
EH0116 Air Circulator - 9" (23cm) image
  • Air circulator with 2 speed settings
  • Adjustable tilt head
EH0522 High Velocity Air Circulator (HV Fan) with Chrome Finish - 18" (45cm) image
  • 18" (45cm) high velocity air circulator (HV fan)
  • High speed motor
EH1235 30" (75cm) Portable Drum Fan image
  • Ideal for large venue cooling and drying
LC 2000 - Power Fan  760mm  20500 cmh image
  • LC 2000 Fan
  • Powerful 20500 cubic meters per hour airflow
Industrial Warehouse Drum Fan image
  • Powerful 36 inch (90cm) Drum fan
  • Fully portable
MB 30 Fan image
  • Fully Speed Controlled
  • Available in 110v and 240v
MB50 Power Fan (110V or 240V) image
  • Airflow up to 11050 cubic metres/Hour
  • Fully portable, robust and durable
Rapid Fan - Power Fan 5000 cmh image
  • Generates 5000 CFM of air flow
  • Variable speed control


Fans and Air Movers

A mechanical fan is a device used to produce an airflow for the purpose of comfort, ventilation, exhaust, or any other gaseous transport. Typical applications include climate control, cooling systems, personal comfort (e.g., an electric table fan), ventilation (e.g., an exhaust fan).