Maintaining a safe and comfortable workplace temperature 

Helping businesses to maintain a safe and comfortable workplace temperature

Many UK businesses feel that, now the summer is over, there is no need for air conditioning in the workplace, thinking that the cost of running air conditioning is too high. However, there can be hidden costs of not providing air conditioning or adequate heating in the workplace. Midland Cool is currently receiving a number of enquiries for cooling for server or computer rooms to protect valuable data and systems.

The temperature of the workplace can cause thermal discomfort and can even have an impact on the reported illness and accident rate, which comes with an associated cost. Wearing too much clothing or PPE may be a primary cause of heat stress while too little risks cold injuries such as frostbite or hypothermia.

Employees working in cold environments can become slow and sluggish since their bodies aren't able to react as quickly when the temperature drops. Many employees report becoming sleepy, affecting their ability to focus on any work-related tasks. If the workplace is too hot, employees can become irritable and even aggressive, which may also affect work performance.

Workplace temperatures can play a significant role in productivity – a hidden cost of not providing a 'reasonable' workplace temperature. Research originally carried out by Cornell University has shown that employees work best when the temperature is within a range of 22°C – 25°C. The results of the survey suggest that around 2% of office hours are wasted due to the temperature alone, potentially costing the UK economy more than £13 billion annually.

While there is no ideal temperature for the workplace, and no legal maximum, different working areas may need different temperatures. Many of our portable air conditioners also feature a heat pump, making them ideal for varying temperatures in the workplace.

Do take a look at our range of portable heating or cooling solutions available to help ensure that your workplace is maintained at a safe and comfortable temperature. Our Sales Team can be contacted on 0800 440 444 or complete the enquiry form on our website.