Midland Cool supplies gas patio heaters for Winter Film Festival in Birmingham 

Midland Cool ensures film fans were not Frozen   

When the organisers of Brindleyplace Winter Film Festival wanted to ensure that filmgoers would be warm and cosy while enjoying some of their favourite Christmas films, they turned to Midland Cool.    

Midland Cool supplied a number of patio heaters for the free outdoor Festival, which was held in Central Square, part of Birmingham’s Brindleyplace development.  Film fans were able to enjoy Christmas films such as Frozen, Elf, Home Alone and It’s a Wonderful Life on the big screen.  They did not have to worry about the cold thanks to the plentiful gas patio heaters and a supply of cosy blankets. 

The patio heaters supplied by Midland Cool were the 12.5 kW commercial patio heaters, which are ideal as they have a range of approximately 12-15 feet and an anti-tilt safety feature.   

The Festival was held in conjunction with one of Brindleyplace’s four charity partners, Birmingham St Mary’s Hospice.

Brindleyplace is home to over 26 businesses, from FTSE 100 companies to local start-ups, employing around 10,000 people.