Busy Week for London Cool in London 

London Cool has a busy week

With the pollen count at high and the hot weather likely to turn into a real heatwave, London Cool has been very busy this week. Here’s just a few of the interesting or challenging installations we have made –

This year’s Rockabillly Rave is currently happening at Pontins in Camber Sands. Due to the vey high numbers of people attending, the organisers needed some serious cooling. London Cool delivered and installed Denso 30HE PAC industrial spot coolers. These portable air conditioners have an air flow of up to 1500 m3 per hour, but weigh 160kg each.

The spot coolers had to be installed on the roof of Pontins’ main ballroom which necessitated them being lifted by crane. Fortunately, London Cool have been providing these cooling units for Rockabilly Rave for a number of years, so our engineers are very experienced. However, what they didn’t bargain for was the number of seagulls who were also interested in this delicate operation – and who did their best to persuade London Cool’s engineers to stay away from their nests. Happily the units were installed, the nests remained undisturbed and our engineers managed to keep a clean pair of heels!

We had a call from the Bank of England who needed some cooling for their world-famous premises in Threadneedle Street. As can be imagined security was very tight and our courier had to pass a number of security check before he was able to deliver six Avalanche split units to the site.

Royal Ascot Week has also provided London Cool with some interesting logistical challenges as a famous castle nearby needed some extra cooling, but the portable air conditioners could not be delivered directly due to stringent security. London Cool supplied four Koolbreeze Climateasy 14000 air conditioners to help keep any winning owners/trainers cool.

In addition, IMG requested some cooling for the media centres they had set up at Ascot racecourse itself. London Cool delivered three Symphony hiCOOLi evaporative coolers to help ensure that broadcasts from the many media companies covering Royal Ascot go ahead without any hitch caused by overheating of equipment.

London Cool was also called to Tottenham Court Road in London W1 as Ocado needed some cooling units for an event that was being held in a basement area. Our technicians installed three Avalanche 6.7Kw portable split units, ensuring that the pipes were unobtrusively positioned so that warm air could be ducted out into the corridors away from the event itself.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if there are any cooling needs that we can help you with – phone 0800 440 444 or visit our website – www.midlandcool.com