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Electronic Air Purification Hire

Midland Cool supply a wide range of Electronic Air Purification Units. Specially designed for rental use these units are extremely versatile and have a wide variety of applications



Air Ioniser

An air ioniser is a device which uses high voltage to ionise, or electrically charge, molecules of air. These machines can be designed either to generate specifically charged ions (all positive or all negative), or to create both polarities indiscriminately. However, most commercial air purifiers are designed to generate negative ions. Negative ions are particles that temporarily contain an extra electron, causing the entire molecule to possess a negative electrical charge. Conversely, a positive ion is deficient by one electron and has an overall positive charge

Electronic Air Purifiers and Smoke Eliminators

An electronic air purifier is an air purifier that uses an advanced and effective type of technology to absorb contaminants in the air. Electronic air purifier products are used for businesses and residences in order to keep the air indoors safer and healthier for people to breathe. The filtering system used in an electronic air purifier uses a cutting edge design and knowledge of the behaviour of contaminants in the air in order to work powerfully. Electronic air cleaners are able to remove particles, fumes, odours and gases from the air. The technology used in electronic air cleaners makes them one of the most effective and advanced types of air purifiers on the market today. Electronic air purifiers are an efficient and low maintenance type of air purifier. They are easy to care for and deliver the same quality as other filtering systems on the market. With at least 95% efficiency, it's no wonder that electronic air purifiers are becoming a popular and convenient way to provide clean and healthy air.