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Heating Hire and Sales

Midland Cool provide a wide range of heating equipment and specialist climate control products ranging from 2.5kW to 152kW. Below is a complete list of all our products in the Heating category available from our distribution centre in Birmingham and the Midlands.


Antares 50 Oil fired Space Heater 48kW image
  • Portable indirect high-performance heater 48.0kW
  • Capability to heat large area
FEH150 Electric Fan Heater - 15.0kW (3 phase) image
  • 15.0kW fan heater (3 phase)
  • Ideal for commercial applications, construction, warehouses and heat load tests
EC32 - 28kW Indirect Fired Diesel Heater image
  • 29.0kW indirect fired diesel heater
  • Thermostatically controlled
EC55 - 51kW Indirect Fired Diesel Heater image
  • 51.0kW indirect fired diesel heater
  • Thermostatically controlled
EC85 - 80kW Indirect Fired Diesel Heater image
  • 81.0kW indirect fired diesel heater
  • Thermostatically controlled
Jumbo 150 152kW Diesel Heater image
  • 152kW Jumbo Diesel Indirect Heater
  • Thermostatically Controlled
Jumbo 200 198kW Diesel Indirect Heater image
  • 198kW Jumbo Diesel Indirect Heater
  • Thermostatically Controlled
Ambirad Tornado 51 kW - Space Heater image
  • 51.0kW Indirect gas heater
  • Fully enclosed flame
Electric Patio Heater image
  • 2.0kW free standing electric patio heater
Arcotherm EC22 Indirect Fired Diesel Heater - 19.0kW image
  • 19.0kW indirect fired diesel heater
  • Thermostatically controlled
2.7kW Electric Patio heater image
  • 360 degree electric patio heater
FF3 Fan Heater (110v or 240v)  - 3.0 kW image
  • 3.0kW ductable fan heater
  • Quiet in operation
FEH220 Electric Fan Heater - 22.0kW (3 phase) image
  • 22.0kW fan heater (3 phase)
  • Ideal for commercial applications, construction, warehouses and heat load tests
Jetaire LG280 - Direct Fired Gas Heater  variable 33-82 kw image
  • Propane fueled space heater
  • 280,000 Btu variable output
FF18 Fan Heater - 18 kw 3 Phase image
  • 3 phase, ductable 9.0/18.0kW fan heater
  • Quiet operation
Antares 70 Oil fired Space Heater 68kW image
  • Portable indirect high-performance heater 68.0kW
  • Capability to heat large area
FEH300 Electric Fan Heater - 30.0kW (3 phase) image
  • 30.0kW fan heater - 3 phase
  • Ideal for commercial applications, construction, warehouses and heat load tests
HKL2000 - Fan Heater 2kW image
  • 2 heat settings
  • Thermostat & pilot light
2.5kW Mica Column Heater image
  • High radiant efficiency
  • Fast response time
Oil Filled Radiator (9 Fin) - 2.5 kw image
  • 3 Heat settings
  • Adjustable thermostat
Airrex Electric Halogen Heater image
  • Electric halogen heater
  • Remote control
Turbo Fan Space Heater - 3.0kW image
  • 3.0kW turbo fan space heater
  • 2 speed fan
B3 Electric Fan Heater - 3 kw image
  • 3.0kW Fan heater
  • No fumes, odours or humidity
Rosy Glow Swivel Heater - Swivel Infra Red Heater image
  • 3.0kW quartz halogen infra-red heater
  • Swivel heat head
Rosy Glow Heater - Infra Red Heater image
  • Quartz halogen infra-red 3.0kW heater
  • Lightweight and portable
Munters RPL 3.3 Electric Fan Heater - 3.3kW image
  • 3.3kW portable electric fan heater
  • Adjustable heat output
Pyramid Flame Tower Gas Patio Heater - 9.3kW image
  • 9.3kW pyramid flame tower patio heater
  • Modern design
LC 3kw Catalytic Gas Heater - Catalytic Heater LPG image
  • 3 kW Catalytic Gas heater
  • Clean, efficient and safe heating
Arcotherm GP10M Direct Fired Gas Heater - 10.0kW image
  • 10.0kW direct fired gas heater
  • Easy to operate
Arcotherm GP45A Direct Fired Gas Heater - 47.0kW image
  • 47.0kW direct fired gas heater
  • Available in dual voltage
Arcotherm GE20 (230v) Direct Fired Diesel Heater - 21.0kW image
  • 21.0kW direct fired diesel heater
  • Maximum performance
Arcotherm GE36 Direct Fired Diesel Heater - 39.0kW - Dual Voltage image
  • 39.0kW direct fired diesel heater
  • Maximum performance
Arcotherm GE46 Direct Fired Diesel Heater - 49.0kW - Dual Voltage image
  • 49.0kW direct fired diesel heater
  • Maximum performance
Arcotherm GE65 Direct Fired Diesel Heater - 65.0kW - Dual Voltage image
  • 69.0kW direct fired diesel heater
  • Maximum performance
Arcotherm GE105 Direct Fired Diesel Heater - 105.0kW - Dual Voltage image
  • 105.0kW direct fired diesel heater
  • Maximum performance
12.5 kW Commercial Patio Heater image
  • Free-standing gas patio heater
  • Rain protected and wind resistant


Heaters and Heating

A heater is any object that emits heat or causes another body to achieve a higher temperature. This can be to heat an object or heat air. An electric heater is an electrical appliance that converts electrical energy into heat. The heating element inside every electric heater is simply an electrical resistor, and works on the principle of Joule heating: an electric current flowing through a resistor converts electrical energy into heat energy. Radiant/Radiative heaters or 'space heaters' Radiant or radiative heaters contain a heating element that reaches a high temperature. The element is usually packaged inside a glass envelope resembling a light bulb and with a reflector to direct the energy output away from the body of the heater. The element emits infra-red radiation that travels through air or space until it hits an absorbing surface, where it is partially converted to heat and partially reflected. This heat directly warms people and objects in the room, rather than warming the air. This style of heater is most useful in an area that is unable to be kept with minimal airflow. They are also ideal for basements and garages since they are good at spot heating. They are an excellent choice for task specific heating. Convection heaters In a convection heater, the heating element heats the air next to it by conduction. Hot air is less dense than cool air, so it rises due to buoyancy, allowing more cool air to flow in to take its place. This sets up a constant current of hot air that leaves the appliance through vent holes and heats up the surrounding space. They are ideally suited for heating a closed space. They operate silently and are a good choice where heating is required for long periods of time or if left unattended. Fan heaters or 'forced convection heaters' A fan heater is a variety of convection heater that includes an electric fan to speed up the airflow. This reduces the thermal resistance between the heating element and the surroundings, allowing heat to be transferred more quickly. This type of heater is a good choice for quick heating of enclosed spaces. 'Mechanical' or 'forced' ventilation is used to control indoor air quality. Excess humidity, odours, and contaminants can often be controlled via dilution or replacement with outside air. Heat recovery ventilation systems employ heat exchangers to recover some heat from exhausted air, to preheat the incoming outside air


Heat pumps = Using air conditioners to heat Heat pumps are an integral part of air-conditioning technology. Heat pumps transfer heat from one environment to another via refrigerant. In cooling mode, heat pumps transfer the heat in an enclosed area (room, industrial process) to the outside air, resulting in a cooling of the area in question. This is the role that heat pumps play in common refrigeration and air conditioning systems. Heat pumps, however, also allow this process to be reversed. They can pump heat extracted from the outside air indoors, allowing indoor environments to be heated as well as cooled using the same technology. Heat pump efficiency Heat pumps offer numerous advantages as a heating solution. The same systems used to cool can also be used to heat, resulting in less initial investment and simplicity in operation and maintenance. They / Heat pumps also have an important advantage in the area of efficiency. Unlike fossil-fuel based heating systems, heat pumps extract available heat from the outside air. Heat pumps offer efficiency gains on the order of 3:1 and higher, compared to electrical heating. Thus for every unit of energy consumed by the heat pump, three or more units of heat are gained. Heat pump comfort Heat pumps in combination with inverter technology offer unparalleled indoor heating comfort and process efficiency. Heat pumps can extract heat energy from the outside air even on the coldest days of winter. Heat pump systems are capable of meeting exacting industrial heating and cooling requirements as well as of providing comfortable and efficient indoor heating.